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Photography is within the reach of all of us. But if some think that a good camera is enough to take beautiful shots, it is not ... Because it is the photographer behind the lens that makes the difference!


My desire, through my workshops, is to bring you the 3 main ingredients to take exceptional photos:

The photographic "eye", settings and post-processing

1. The art of composing : the moment of shooting, the positioning in space, the taking into account of external elements in the composition and the framing of the photograph, these are certainly the most important elements. Let me give you my tips to make your shots stand out!


2. Technical mastery of your camera : shooting settings are essential and learning to leave "full auto" mode and manage "manual" and "semi-manual" modes of your camera is a real asset. And why not try your hand at bulb exposure or photography with neutral density filters?

3. Post-processing : no "heavy treatments" of post-processing at my side, it is however obvious that the shooting conditions, often difficult, require a correction of the exposure or a recovery in account of the colorimetry which is sometimes degraded and that you have to know how to master under software such as Lightroom or PS.

As proof, the photos below show you the importance of light management and post-processing in these specific cases. On the other hand, do not look for the "cheat" at home, a simple correction at most.


I do not pretend to be a great technician, to know the immensity of the possibilities offered by the technology of our devices. I am a simple autodidact passionate about photography and the beauty of the landscapes that surround us so if you are tempted to learn by my side and to discover or re-discover the richness of our European landscapes, contact me or subscribe at one of my workshops!

Hope to meet you very soon.


Learn to manage exposure issues,

Manage white balance, bracketing, composition and framing,


Manage brightness, low and high lights,


Manage shooting with ND filters, framing, levels and colorimetry ...


Do you like it? You want to know more ?

So join me on one of my next workshops by clicking HERE!

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