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PARIS night workshop: Manage night shots and long exposure in urban areas

Are you a beginner photographer or not yet very comfortable with your camera? Do you want to learn how to get out of "auto" and "semi-auto" modes? Learning to take pictures just "WOW"? I will be happy to welcome you to my photo workshops!
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PARIS night workshop: Manage night shots and long exposure in urban areas

Heure et lieu

Date to come very soon!
Defense, La Defense, France

À propos de l'événement

I offer you a 3-hour workshop (or more if appropriate) to learn how to manage night shooting in an environment conducive to this subject!

Understand the main factors influencing the photo, learn how to manage the manual settings of the camera, long exposure shooting ... And then, the idea is also to answer your questions and allow you to progress in taking advantage of the moment while bringing back some "canons" photos!

If we have the time and the inclination, we can also take advantage of our fresh photos to tackle simple notions of post-processing (which is the subject of a full-fledged workshop).

Necessary material :

> A camera with a manual mode and allowing long exposures (greater than 2 seconds)

> A wireless or wired remote control, if you do not have one, we can work with the self-timer,

> A tripod

> A wide angle lens (mini 24mm or equivalent) is a real plus!

Obviously, remember to take a memory card with enough space (do not hesitate to format it before coming) and a battery

loaded (see 2!)

On the "material" part, maybe I would have some good or some excellent surprises thanks to my partners Irix Lens and Vanguard Photo ...

But that, we will see together ok!

The current sanitary conditions linked to Covid impose some basic rules on us: Wearing a mask, distance during the workshop and the shots, hydroalcoholic gel (I will have a bottle with me) ...

Rest assured that we will keep barrier gestures that will protect each other.

Upcoming workshops in Paris - La Défense. Date and place of meeting to come quickly. Possibility of carpooling depending on the place of departure.

Limited to 5 people maximum.

Depending on weather conditions, the workshop date may be extended or canceled.

Price of workshops:

Decreasing price according to the number of participants: from 55 € to 35 €!

A deposit of 35 € (payment via Paypal, Paylib or transfer) is required to confirm the reservation.

Any remaining balance is payable on the day of the workshop.

As a reminder, the price is decreasing according to the number of participants! The individual price is 55 €. If the workshop brings together a greater number of participants, the price drops !!!

Thus, the price will be:

- 50 € / person if 2 participants (discount of 5 € / person)

- 45 € / person if 3 participants (discount of 10 € / person)

- 40 € / person if 4 participants (discount of 15 € / person)

- 35 € / person if 5 participants (discount of 20 € / person)

Max: 5 people

Additional information on request! See you soon, I hope.

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